Sunday 31 May 2015

How to make a graphic novel - Part 2 (Update)

How to make a graphic novel - Part 2 ....

[Alexia and co.:  "Happy Memories ...Are You Sure?" - and accompanying artworks]
Since this project was started in May, 2013 the artworks within are progressing well so far! It looks like (at the present time) that the story-book/ graphic novel will be divided into two main parts - one for children from primary school age upwards, and one for teens/ college /university age, upwards.... (?).
I think that as the completed pages are gathered together, things will fall into place.  There are also activity pages - such as puzzles to solve.  The characters/ artworks within the story, are shown in full-comic mode, part-comic mode and life-portrait (or "scan") mode.... the latter attempts to emulate as if would appear in real life.

Now, so far, 10 people have become involved in its creation - including a local-based Reading group.

Main Characters:
Alexia Ramsylla, Maya Ramsylla, Jenna Reeder, Quinn, Sophie, Ben....
Set in:
"Hawk Meadows", E. Leicester, (Mock).

Below follows some examples of the new panels of artworks, that will appear within the story book(s).  Some of the panels shown are not yet fully-completed, at the time of writing this.
Media used to create these images include special inks - both water-based pigment ink (fineliner) and oil/ resin-based ink, water-colour pigments, and high-quality acrylic paints. The work is done on various types of special paper/ and canvas. Plus a whole lot of time and patience, too!
(Please click to make bigger)....

 (Panel #0491 /of page 0178.)  Here, Alexia's closest, best-ever friend Jenna tries to support her.
Here, this image shows the page's artwork in its earlier drawn stage, before the paint has been added. However, this is after the earliest sketching stage, and the actual story-line writing and planning.

Here we see the same page's artwork nearing completion.

(Panel #0611 /of page 0194.)  Here shown, this is an image showing Alexia's ultrasound scan. In the back-end of the story, in the part intended for older students, Alexia has a baby. This panel has been created using firstly a background of solid-black inks, and the "scan" has actually been drawn over the top, using a special white pigment graphic-pen, called a "line painter".

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