Saturday 11 October 2014

How to make a graphic novel - Part 1

How to make a graphic novel - Part 1 ....

[Alexia and co.:  "Happy Memories ...Are You Sure?" - and accompanying artworks]
Since this project was started in May, last year, the artworks within are progressing well so far! It looks like (at the present time) that the story-book/ graphic novel will be divided into two main parts - one for children from primary school age upwards, and one for teens/ college /university age, upwards.... (?).
I think that as the completed pages are gathered together, things will fall into place.  There are also activity pages - such as puzzles to solve.  The characters/ artworks within the story, are shown in full-comic mode, part-comic mode and life-portrait (or "scan") mode.... the latter attempts to emulate as if would appear in real life.
Main Characters:
Alexia Ramsylla, Maya Ramsylla, Jenna Reeder, Quinn, Sophie, Ben....
Set in:
"Hawk Meadows", E. Leicester, (Mock).

See also updates coming very soon on Facebook and Twitter.

Alexia looking at herself in a mirror.... putting on her lipstick.
Panels in preparation for the graphic novel. In the left of this picture, can see Alexia when she got caught-out in a heavy downpour - she is standing in the doorway of "Fiona Bee's" florist shop.... this is when she meets Fiona for the first time. These panels have also started to be used in a short animation, (more on that elsewhere!). Media used to create these images:  Thick graphic art paper, art pencils, graphic art fineliner ink (water-based, permanent pigment ink), oil/ resin-based ink, water-colour pigments and high-quality acrylic paints.  


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