Monday 23 December 2013

Happy Christmas from Alexia and co!


Here are some of the latest pieces of art, from the ongoing story!  These have been created by two wonderful children, aged just 9 and 11, and have been coloured-in. :) The story - which is in both comic-book and story-book formats, is now just over 19 years old!  Panels or pieces of artworks featured are in either full-comic mode, part-comic mode, or life-portrait (or "scan") mode - the latter are like real-life people or characters.  Click to make pictures bigger.... PLEASE ENJOY!!

Maya admires a HUGE snowman!!
Another lovely snowman!
Sophie (Jenna's little cousin), left; and Alexia, right.
Alexia - singing in the snow! (As a little girl).
Alexia (in sledge, pink coat) - with her Best friend Jenna. (As when they were children).


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